What can you do?

You can make a stand with Adnyamathanha people and help to make our voices heard.

Write to the Ministers who can make a difference

You can write to the Ministers involved or anyone else that you think may be able to stop this sale.

Minister Garrett is looking at funding Operation Flinders even though they do not have a good record in terms of conservation so write to him and ask him not to fund it and to assist Adnyamathanha people to get their land back. <

Minister Weatherill has it within his power to fix this because under section 30 of the Aboriginal Heritage Act he can compulsorily acquire this property and ensure it goes back to the Adnyamathanha people.

Attorney General Atkinson has been given the full responsibility for this issue by the State Government
thus silencing the Ministers who should have responsibility.

He certainly is not listening to us as the traditional owners.

Minister Macklin is the Federal Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and she must be in a position to do something so remind her of that.

Brochure for printing

Print out our brochure and share it with others to raise the awareness about this important issue.

Postcard Petition

We also have a postcard petition we have designed a series of postcards and we are asking people to sign them and send them to the 4 Ministers listed above. If you would like to send some off or you think you could get a few sets signed please email us with your address and how many sets you would like and we will post them to you. admin@vincecoulthard.com

Reconciliation Rally

We took the Angepena issue to the Reconciliation Week Rally on June the 1st 2008 in Elder Park in Adelaide.

We met up with the mob from the Stand up for the Burrup campaign and soon realised our issues were very similar.

We need to get serious in this country about protecting this ancient living culture. We would not put a gas works where the national art gallery is and we should stop the gas works going anywhere near this art gallery that is thousands of years old.

So please support the fight in Western Australia to save their sites too.

For more information on their campaign go to


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