Adnyamathanha people don't want Operation Flinders to stop their camps but they don't need to own land to continue.

So we put forward a proposal whereby they could run their camps on 5 of our properties.

That is:-
  1. Leigh Creek Station
  2. Myrtle Springs
  3. Mt Serle
  4. Nantawarrina
  5. and of course Angepena if we were successful in acquiring this property.

They have said that they want to run more camps and with this proposal they could do 2 camps on each property and that would be a huge increase from their current 4 a year. They would also have far less environmental impact on the land.

Another proposal was for the State Government and Operation Flinders to work together and for them to use Oraparinna National Park. There is infrastructure there and plenty of country they could access that is culturally appropriate for their camps

The other proposal we put on the table was that Adnyamathanha people buy 60% of Angepena
and Operation Flinders buy the other 40%.
We could then enter an appropriate partnership arrangement.

Given that they are currently applying for about the same amount from the Federal Government we cant see why this option was not taken up.!

All of these proposals were dismissed outright.

We don't understand this situation!

The Government has been telling us that we need to negotiate an ILUA
(an Indigenous Land Use Agreement)

but we believe it is time for the negotiating of NILUAs - (Non-Indigenous Land Use Agreements)

It is time that the traditional owners had the control of the land
and organisations like Operation Flinders had to come and negotiate with us on our terms.

This is the best way to look after the country
we are the ones who know this country
we are the true conservationists on our land.

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