Operation Flinders, an organisation who run 4 camps a year for young people at risk
are trying to buy Angepena against the wishes of the Adnyamathanha people.

Operation Flinders do not need to own land to run their camps.

We need to get this right. We must return this important land to Adnyamathanha people

Adnyamathanha people are more than happy to work with Operation Flinders providing there is another lease holder involved that can control what areas they access and can ensure they are environmentally friendly.

Operation Flinders say on their own website that they take 168 people to each camp, this must have a huge detrimental effect on the fragile environment and the very delicate eco systems of the Angepena area. These camps need to be facilitated on several properties to ensure the environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

There are sites on Angepena where young people cannot visit but with Operation Flinders they will be walking across sacred land and we believe this will affect their mental health.

Adnyamathanha people are connected
culturally and spiritually to this land.

Operation Flinders have no connection to this land!
They can run their camps anywhere.

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