Vince Coulthard

I am an Adnyamathanha man. I was born at Leigh Creek in Adnyamathanha country. I grew up at Nepabunna, a small remote community in the Flinders Ranges, and from there I have had a very varied career. I have worked for government as well as private enterprise and I am currently the Director of Umeewarra Media.

This experience along with my leadership roles with the Adnyamathanha Traditional Land Association, Director of the National Indigenous Radio Service, Iga Warta Community and ATSIC, to mention just a few, have allowed me to build up excellent networks across the country

I am very passionate about Aboriginal culture, land and people. I have made a life long commitment to protecting and preserving our cultures our languages and striving for better outcomes for our people.

Receiving the Federation Medal
My culture is a vital part of everything I do and I am always mindful of the cultural protocols and needs of other people. We Adnyamathanha people are lucky that our culture is still strong and our language still spoken fluently. I work hard to pass this important information on in a culturally appropriate way.

I have also made a commitment to sharing my culture not only with the younger generations of Adnyamathanha people but also members of the wider community. I believe sharing the knowledge and building mutual understanding is the only way forward.

I am the Chairperson of the Adnyamathanha Traditional Land Association and this is a position I have held for the past 11 years. This position is elected annually and I regard this continuing honour as proof that I have the continued backing of my people, the Adnyamathanha people of the Flinders Ranges.
I am currently the Director of Umeewarra Aboriginal Media Association and I have held this position for over 16 years. This is a community organisation and we get involved in the community at all levels. We are the only Aboriginal radio station in South Australia and we are governed by an Aboriginal Board of Management.

I am one of the named applicants on the Adnyamathanha Native Title Claim and as such I have been instrumental in negotiating our claim to the situation where we are almost at consent determination stage.

I was also elected as an ATSIC Councillor for 9 years

I am one of the founders of the Iga Warta Community

The Premiers Australia Day Award
I have been instrumental in the joint partnership arrangements that now exist at Vulkathunha National Park between Adnyamathanha people and National Parks.

I am honoured to have been given 3 NAIDOC awards by the the Port Augusta Community, a Community of over 4000 Aboriginal people from some 28 diverse language groups.

I have recived:-
  1. NAIDOC Male of the Year 2004
  2. NAIDOC Person of the Year 2005
  3. NAIDOC Elder of the Year 2007.
I have also been awarded The Premiers Australia Day Award and the Federation Medal from the Federal Government. All of these awards have recognised my commitment to the Aboriginal community.